KMC To Categorize New Spots For Outdoor Advertising

kolhapurIn order to be beware of unlawful hoardings, The Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) will distinguish more places where it will permit setting up billboards.

Two years back, the KMC understood that the hoardings can help in producing income by charging individuals according to the size and area. Therefore, the KMC changed its hoarding policy and making the offering procedure mandatory for administrators to put the accumulating at a specific place.

At present, there are only 80 open places in the city where the hoardings can be set legitimately. Since, the number is less; the operators choose illicit mode and set up hoardings without authorization from the estate department.

Pramod Barale, chief estate officer of the KMC, said, “The increase in number of hoarding places will help keep a check on illegal hoardings and secondly will help rake in a significant amount of revenue through annual hoarding fees charged to private operators. We have invited bids from operators for 19 sites through which we expect a minimum amount of Rs 7 lakh. As the locations are major we expect to generate double the amount.”

kolhapur-1Since the most recent one month, the KMC has made a move against illicit hoardings. It is learnt that the private operators moved toward the civic administration to regularize the hoardings. The KMC will permit the hoarding just at those spots where there is no mischief to the vision of the passers and away from open properties.

“The criteria mentioned in the Maharashtra Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2010 will be followed to identify the hoarding places. We are also going to review the places where mini hoardings are allowed. At present, there are 770 such locations and the number may increase or decrease after the review,” said Barale.

As per the earlier policy, the KMC expected Rs 5 crore from hoarding fees, but could generate only Rs 2 crore. By introducing the bidding process, the revenue may touch the Rs 10 crore-mark.

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All about hoardings in the city will soon be at your fingertips

It’s going to be true in India to gather all information about hoardings of your city would be in your mobile. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) took GIS mapping of all hoardings in the city and claimed that 75% of such boards in the city have already been mapped.

The BBMP came under criticism for failing to verify illegal hoardings in the city afterwards they decided to take up GIS mapping of all billboards under its jurisdiction. There may be 2,500-3,000 hoardings and display boards left for mapping out of Approx 10,300 odd hoardings and shop-front display boards.

The BBMP says it will publish the details of all display boards on its website for everyone to see, up to now these details are only accessible BBMP officials. Now anyone can extract information about any hoarding in the city.

As per the BBMP official, illegal hoardings had spread out in the city that caused losses to BBMP in the last eight years. The estimated loss was nearly Rs 2,000 which was exaggerated by concerned official.

BBMP Commissioner N. Manjunath Prasad said “We are also in the process of removing the structures where illegal hoardings” he added that BBMP will put up details, would be available online soon.

Anyone can obtain the details of hoardings of specific area along with photographs of the hoarding i.e. the name of the agency and its proprietor, size of hoarding, availability, advertisement tax status, date of permit issued, next date of renewal, details of litigation etc. by clicking on a GIS-mapped icon.

The BBMP has also allotted separate Property Identification (PID) number identifying each property with a the portal also has icons to show the hoardings.

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Media outdoor advertising in Delhi

2610944_origCannes Lions advertising festival celebrated the ads that were excellent. The annual event is attended by big wigs of business industry, advertising fraternity and other members of the respective agency. One of the most talked about topic was bad advertising.

Speaking about the issue at the festival Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s global beverage group said, “We are here celebrating 0.5% of the work that actually gets made. The other 99.5% of the work is generally crap. And when that happens, consumers don’t want to see it,” he was quoted by in a report.

The information was revealed at a panel hosted by Wall Street Journal at the festival, where it was discussed how bad advertising has lead to increase in the number of ad blocks being used by users. It was also said that bad advertising occupies a majority of space is made in a hurry and cheaply.

Such advertisement compel a consumers or a internet user to use ad blockers. In anycase ad blockers might encourage companies to make better ads.

At Hoarding India ‘we’ always comes before ‘I’ and we certainly try to be the best service providers in the out of home advertising segment in the nation. Also, client satisfaction is our top priority. For outdoor advertising, we can certainly fulfill your demands.

Hoarding India, realizes the potential of outdoor media and works to fully utilize it for the clients. Due to a large network across the country, an uninterrupted stream of locations can be made available. We also cater to vendors for mutual benefit and progress.

Encapsulated in the below mentioned example are the services we are capable of providing to our clients.

Airport/Metro Pillar Branding, Digi pod advertising in Delhi, Wall Wraps Advertising in Delhi, Hoardings in Delhi, Hoardings in Delhi – NCR, Media outdoor advertising in Delhi, Hoarding Contractors Delhi, Electronic Hoardings in Delhi, Public Utility Advertising in Delhi, Hoarding in Goa.

Also business opportunities in terms available with us Hoarding Agency in Delhi, Hoarding Agency India, Outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi.  

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The Evolution of Out Of Home Advertising

bus-shelterThe OOH advertising can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where government and ruling tribes used to publicize their rules, protocols and agreements. While we live in an age of technology, we cannot forgo the fact that our ancestors devised this brilliant advertising concept that developed throughout the years and only became more refined and effective.

Short for out of home, OOH advertising, since its conception has been not only been a source of information, but also entertainment. The live commercials or ads that we nowadays get to see and interact live outside are called as out of home advertisements. The concept of this advertising mainly targets on the consumers, especially when they are outside their homes. This increases the communication level by bridging the gap between a brand and the customer.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of OOH advertising in brief:

  • Structurally, out of home advertising was brought into solid existence in the year 1450, after Johannes Gutenberg created a movable type printing. Lithography was refined in 1796 after posters were created, which led to the creation of bill posters.
  • In 1830’s the same posters took a huge canvas, and that’s when billboards were originated when people painted on large signs to display information for various purposes.
  • In 1860’s, the American Industry embraced the initial leasing of the billboards and small companies came into existence who painted the posters.
  • In 1890’s, OAAA, i.e. Outdoor Advertising Association of America was formed that managed the several advertising companies throughout the USA.


After stepping into 20th century, the outdoor advertising started changing ever since the year 1900, when companies such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg and Palmolive, out of others started using billboards to market their products. It was this concrete marketing strategy that helped these brands become a giant now.

Although the advertising sector was affected during wars, the industry never stopped doing the business. Later on, after 1925, the OAAA combined with several associations to serve a general category of outdoor marketing sector that included billboards, posters, etc. Many changes were brought in the organization to reflect newer strategies that helped many businesses flourish during that time.

Out of home advertising thoroughly succeeded when marketing campaigns where run by companies to inform one and all about their products and services. By the time we reached 21st century, the normal billboard had expanded itself into digital era and it was in the year 2005, when world’s first digital billboards were put into use.

Out of home advertising is almost 200 years old and is still focused and thriving on nothing but innovation, technology and consumers.

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Strong hold of Hoardings in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, and Jaipur

Hoarding IndiaHoarding is a form of Outdoor Advertising, which is also popularly known as Out of Home advertising (OOH). This is currently one of the fastest growing areas of advertising and its growth is mainly due to the fact that it has massive public reach. With its unparalleled presence across the nation and the fact that there is wide variety of options available for outdoor advertising, Hoardings are gaining maximum attention of the advertisers. There are many prominent players ruling the world of Outdoor advertising and hoardings in Delhi NCR who have gained prominence due to their performance. These giants know how to play the game and to gain maximum exposure for their clients and their brands by using Outdoor Advertisements.

You can see the extensive use of Outdoor advertising all over India, especially in the metro cities and capital cities across the country. These hoardings can be seen both within the city and alongside the highways. You can see unique billboards and hoardings in Gurgaon which are bound to influence audience with their right display. Similarly advertisers also use Hoardings and Unipoles in other regions of Delhi NCR to be seen and to get prominence as brands. Along with Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad are other prominent regions where advertisers are keen on expanding their display and presence. Audiences can also see many interesting and fascinating hoardings in Faridabad which are certain to draw them towards the brand.


Not only in India Hoardings as a form of advertising is popular across the globe. These huge boards with displays being posted over it are usually made of wood or metal. Although the original hoarding ads have seen numerous changes with the introduction of Digital Hoardings, but the fact remains that these traditional hoardings are still consistently holding their position in the world of outdoor advertisements.

Hoardings have found their primary locations in the form of busy crossings and prominent traffic signals. Other places like railway gate and large footfall arcades also present ideal location for placing hoardings. Not only are they economical way of reaching to the masses but hoardings also last long. With an appropriate location, an investment in hoarding ads is definitely a win-win situation for any brand or advertiser.

That is the reason why hoardings have found such fame all over the country. Cities like Pune, Bangalore, and Jaipur are few such cities among numerous others where hoarding as a form of outdoor advertising is immensely popular. Hoardings in Bangalore are also versatile and interesting. Jaipur being a neighbor of Delhi has seen the rise of outdoor advertising recently. There are numerous locations all across the city where you can see amazing hoardings in Jaipur.

With such popularity, hoardings and other means of Outdoor Advertising is here to stay. These are without a doubt great ways of brand building and the perfect way to reach to the masses. So for advertisers, saying yes to hoardings and other out of home advertising options is a great opportunity to make their products and services seen first to get sold.

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Types of Outdoor Media That Help To Promote Business

Hoarding in Bangalore

Outdoor media is considered as any kind of out-of-home advertising. Basically it is one of the best ways to promote specific products or services outside home. Advertisers can reach their customers who are traveling through outdoor promotion. Airport/Metro pillar branding, hoardings, billboards, pole kiosk branding, car branding and much more are the parts of outdoor media. In India nowadays some of the splendid outdoor hoarding agencies can be found which provide such out of home promotions that help advertisers to reach their potential customers.

There are different types of outdoor media, advertisers can opt for. The several types include

  • Hoardings
  • Billboards
  • Airport metro pillar branding
  • Wall wraps branding
  • Unipole banners
  • Traffic trolley branding
  • Car/Mobile van branding
  • Busque shelter branding
  • In-shop branding
  • Aerial advertising
  • Posters and flex and much more.

Delhi is not only the capital of India but also one of the biggest commercial metropolitan cities of India. One can find some of the expert outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi. In Delhi outdoor advertising agencies capture a large part of the advertising market. Not only in Delhi but also hoardings in Haryana, hoarding in Goa, Hoarding in Bangalore and many other states are encouraging all these agencies.

Hoarding India

The best part of all these outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi and other states is they can be reached easily through their Online portals where one can view locations, rates and other factors before go for outdoor promotion. One such popular agency is Hoarding India. This agency is not only providing several mentioned outdoor media facilities but also they offer comparatively low cost of hoardings in Delhi. Businessman, advertisers or a service provider whoever wants to promote their business out of home, can opt for different types of outdoor media available in India, especially in Delhi.

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What are digital outdoor media and its future?

3d hoarding

Outdoor media today becomes one of the largest businesses in the world. Entrepreneurs and advertisers are keen to invest in outdoor advertising rather than any other marketing business. People know the fact that today the whole world including some of the third world countries are concentrating more on digitization than anything else. Outdoor advertising agencies in India are also providing digital hoardings and other products to promote business.

Talking about the digital outdoor media one needs to know that in Delhi, the capital of India there are so many expert outdoor advertising agencies that deal in several out of home advertising. In Delhi outdoor advertising agency offers a lot of digital outdoor media that help advertisers to reach their prospective customers through eye catching promotions.

  • Digital billboards
  • Digi pods
  • LCD promotions
  • Mobile van branding
  • In-Shop branding
  • Airport metro pillars branding
  • Busque shelter branding and much more are to be considered as digital outdoor media.

Some of the outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi offers pole kiosk and wall wraps branding as well. For the small entrepreneurs who have comparatively low marketing budget can opt for metro pillars branding and wall wraps as many people often travel by metro and local trains every day.

3D hoardings are one such example of digital outdoor media. The various advertising agencies Delhi has offer this kind of 3D hoardings. Nowadays as the country and its several parts are developing rapidly outdoor media services in Delhi provides digital hoardings in jaipur, Kanpur, Jaipur, Bihar and Haryana as well. Hoardings in Noida and other places near Delhi are also attracting so many people every day.

Whether it is non digital hoardings or 3D hoardings in Delhi all need to be well designed and attention grabbing. The design should be eye catching and the taglines must be short and attractive so that one can easily read that while travelling. It has been seen in recent past that the business of digital hoardings in India has risen up to 30%. It can easily be predicted that the future of digital or non digital outdoor media is not only bright but also it will bring a new direction to the marketing industry.


Delhi, being the capital of India, has many expert outdoor hoarding agencies which offer digital as well as non digital outdoor hoardings and other outdoor media services all over the country. One such agency is Hoarding India. The online booking facility of this company makes it a lot easier than others. Advertisers now do not need to rush from one agency to another to find one prime location to advertise their product; they can easily reach the agency through their website and the rest will be taken care of.

The expert and thoroughly experienced team of the agency help the advertisers to promote their products that too in a comparatively affordable price. The reasonable cost of hoardings in Delhi makes the digital outdoor marketing more demanding and popular among the advertisers and entrepreneurs.

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Hoarding India- India’s biggest outdoor advertising portal

Hoarding India (47)

Outdoor hoardings are the first things people see while traveling. It is obvious that out-of-home media is one of the traditional as well as most popular ways of promoting any kind of business. In recent years India has shown an increasing rate of growth in outdoor media market. If anyone is looking for promotion in outdoor media, Delhi has some expert companies like Hoarding India. Hoarding India is one of the largest outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi. Outdoor hoardings always work well in specific geographic areas. With Hoarding India an entrepreneur can easily find his or her preferable locations where he is willing to promote his business.

Outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi not only offer hoardings and billboards but also provide other promotional products such as:

  • 3D Hoarding
  • Pole kiosk
  • Bus shelter advertising
  • Mobile billboards
  • Post cards
  • Posters and banners
  • Bus and taxi advertising and many more.

Hoarding India

It is indeed a practical fact that people often notice that have eye-catching design and color. Not only that, a hoarding should carry such message which will specifically portray the nature of the product or service. In this regard one can mention the importance of digital hoardings in India. As the time passes by India is arguably achieving more technologically advancement than other developing countries in the world. Hoarding India is helping the small as well as big business owners to spread their business more efficiently through digitization. With Hoarding India one can get several hoardings in various locations in all over India. Whether it is hoardings in Bihar or in West Bengal or in some other state or region, people can promote their business in any state or region.Hoarding India (65)

Ooh advertising agencies in Delhi provides mobile hoardings as well. Mobile hoardings in India are other popular forms of outdoor advertising. If anyone is searching for mobile van advertising Delhi offers some excellent services in quite a reasonable price.

Hoarding India is considered to be the best of all. The reason is clearly the services and rates they offer. With hoarding India, cost of hoardings in Delhi becomes lower and reasonable for all.

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The Billboard Advertising – Hoarding India



Numerous individuals have a misguided judgment that because of the rise of a few other advertising systems in the advertising sector, Billboards are the essential for the support of any ad campaign due to their vivid presence, as they are the best recall media the viability of announcement promoting has diminished but this is not true .The important parts of its capability are expense sparing and more prominent business sector scope.

Billboards are unquestionably a productive technique to promoting items and service anyplace and at whatever time.  Technological furtherance has also played a major role in supporting its cost-effectiveness. In prior days billboards were only restricted to the print style but evolution of technology has bought various innovations like digital hoardings, 3d billboards etc .Also there has been a lot of innovation in the design of even a print hoarding , it is now common to witness more interactive and unconventional design.

The final result is a super ordinate advertisement in less time furthermore at a reasonable cost. Billboards are a form of evergreen advertising and are unlikely to lose its charm anytime soon. Though there are many advanced mediums that have come up but billboards still remain a reliable and an economic form of hoardings medium.



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Delhi Metro is a metro framework serving Delhi (counting New Delhi and Old Delhi) and urban areas of Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region of India. Delhi Metro is the world’s thirteenth biggest metro framework as far as length. Delhi Metro, the city’s lifeline, ferries nearly 3 million passengers on week days and makes over 2,800 trips daily. Now you can imagine the potential viewership of advertisement in a metro. Young audience aged between 18 and 25 can be easily targeted since they form the 2/3 amount users of the Delhi metro.  Delhi metro is heartthrob of the city. There are various options available when it comes to branding in a metro. Advertisements can be placed inside a metro rail, on a metro station and on the metro rail. Also an advertisement inside a metro rail is viewed by a static audience, therefore great amount of information can be provided. The everyday Metro ride for Delhiites is all situated be more vivid. Soon, commuters will get to see electronic displays inside coaches, streaming videos, comfortable seats replacing the staple steel ones. This will further amplify the potential of Delhi metro as an advertising medium. If you haven’t considered Delhi metro as an option for advertising, it’s time to think again.

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