Strong hold of Hoardings in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, and Jaipur

Hoarding IndiaHoarding is a form of Outdoor Advertising, which is also popularly known as Out of Home advertising (OOH). This is currently one of the fastest growing areas of advertising and its growth is mainly due to the fact that it has massive public reach. With its unparalleled presence across the nation and the fact that there is wide variety of options available for outdoor advertising, Hoardings are gaining maximum attention of the advertisers. There are many prominent players ruling the world of Outdoor advertising and hoardings in Delhi NCR who have gained prominence due to their performance. These giants know how to play the game and to gain maximum exposure for their clients and their brands by using Outdoor Advertisements.

You can see the extensive use of Outdoor advertising all over India, especially in the metro cities and capital cities across the country. These hoardings can be seen both within the city and alongside the highways. You can see unique billboards and hoardings in Gurgaon which are bound to influence audience with their right display. Similarly advertisers also use Hoardings and Unipoles in other regions of Delhi NCR to be seen and to get prominence as brands. Along with Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad are other prominent regions where advertisers are keen on expanding their display and presence. Audiences can also see many interesting and fascinating hoardings in Faridabad which are certain to draw them towards the brand.


Not only in India Hoardings as a form of advertising is popular across the globe. These huge boards with displays being posted over it are usually made of wood or metal. Although the original hoarding ads have seen numerous changes with the introduction of Digital Hoardings, but the fact remains that these traditional hoardings are still consistently holding their position in the world of outdoor advertisements.

Hoardings have found their primary locations in the form of busy crossings and prominent traffic signals. Other places like railway gate and large footfall arcades also present ideal location for placing hoardings. Not only are they economical way of reaching to the masses but hoardings also last long. With an appropriate location, an investment in hoarding ads is definitely a win-win situation for any brand or advertiser.

That is the reason why hoardings have found such fame all over the country. Cities like Pune, Bangalore, and Jaipur are few such cities among numerous others where hoarding as a form of outdoor advertising is immensely popular. Hoardings in Bangalore are also versatile and interesting. Jaipur being a neighbor of Delhi has seen the rise of outdoor advertising recently. There are numerous locations all across the city where you can see amazing hoardings in Jaipur.

With such popularity, hoardings and other means of Outdoor Advertising is here to stay. These are without a doubt great ways of brand building and the perfect way to reach to the masses. So for advertisers, saying yes to hoardings and other out of home advertising options is a great opportunity to make their products and services seen first to get sold.

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