Media outdoor advertising in Delhi

2610944_origCannes Lions advertising festival celebrated the ads that were excellent. The annual event is attended by big wigs of business industry, advertising fraternity and other members of the respective agency. One of the most talked about topic was bad advertising.

Speaking about the issue at the festival Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s global beverage group said, “We are here celebrating 0.5% of the work that actually gets made. The other 99.5% of the work is generally crap. And when that happens, consumers don’t want to see it,” he was quoted by in a report.

The information was revealed at a panel hosted by Wall Street Journal at the festival, where it was discussed how bad advertising has lead to increase in the number of ad blocks being used by users. It was also said that bad advertising occupies a majority of space is made in a hurry and cheaply.

Such advertisement compel a consumers or a internet user to use ad blockers. In anycase ad blockers might encourage companies to make better ads.

At Hoarding India ‘we’ always comes before ‘I’ and we certainly try to be the best service providers in the out of home advertising segment in the nation. Also, client satisfaction is our top priority. For outdoor advertising, we can certainly fulfill your demands.

Hoarding India, realizes the potential of outdoor media and works to fully utilize it for the clients. Due to a large network across the country, an uninterrupted stream of locations can be made available. We also cater to vendors for mutual benefit and progress.

Encapsulated in the below mentioned example are the services we are capable of providing to our clients.

Airport/Metro Pillar Branding, Digi pod advertising in Delhi, Wall Wraps Advertising in Delhi, Hoardings in Delhi, Hoardings in Delhi – NCR, Media outdoor advertising in Delhi, Hoarding Contractors Delhi, Electronic Hoardings in Delhi, Public Utility Advertising in Delhi, Hoarding in Goa.

Also business opportunities in terms available with us Hoarding Agency in Delhi, Hoarding Agency India, Outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi.  

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